Estimar: best fish and seafood Barcelona restaurant. 1 Michelin ⭐

Rafa Zafra, ex chef of the starry Hacienda Benazuza (Sevilla) and executive chef at Heart (Ibiza), has made his dream come true, a small shop near Santa María del Mar whose kitchen pays tribute to the raw material, and above all, to that fresh fish that comes to you from Roses every day, from the hand of Anna Gotanegra.

The Passion of the Gotanegra family by the sea dates back to 1895, when Dionisia Marco started buying fish in the Sant Pere de Rosas square to go to sell it walking to Figueras. More than 120 years have passed and five Gotanegra generations continue to buy fish at the Port of Rosas (Girona). It is his most personal project, where he tries to transmit his cuisine and the purest feeling of love towards the Mediterranean by paying homage and reflecting on the products of the sea.

The star dishes:

  • Anchovies in specially selected organic extra virgin olive oil oil.
  • Red shrimp carpaccio with Beluga caviar, tasting symphony.
  • The Tataki is a fresh and intense dish, where the bluefin tuna has a leading role.
  • Red prawn of Rosas, a delight of the sea.
  • Sea bass Donosti style.

In addition, the menu splashes foam with monumental oysters, clams style Bilbao, mackerel in vinegar, mussels grilled, crayfish carpaccio, pickled razor clams, fried squid with mayonnaise in its ink, stripe in marinade, turbot…

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