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Fine Dining in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to over 20 restaurants with Michelin stars, adding up to 30 stars in total! Food lovers are spoiled for choice in this foodie-friendly Mediterranean city but with so many options it’s hard to know which restaurants to put at the top of your list. From traditional Catalonian tapas to Asian fusion, all infused with creativity, innovation, and intense flavours, these 7 restaurants are not to be missed on your trip to Barcelona.

Discover our Barcelona Exclusive Dining Experiences and how we can make your visit to Barcelona a remarkable gastronomic exeperiencies. Or would you dare to take a jet and go for a gastronomic getaway in the Basque Country or Balearic Islands?

Restaurante LasarteLasarte

With the personal stamp of restaurateur Martin Berasategui and head chef Paolo Casagrande, this Barcelona restaurant offers a unique Michelin starred dining experience. The food is a Catalonian take on Basque cuisine, with a Mediterranean twist from the sea. Every dish involves intense colour and overwhelming aromas, and each will engage all of your senses. There are no average dishes at Lasarte, and as the only Barcelona restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, it is a must for the gastronomic itinerary of any luxury traveller.


Located in the bright and open Hotel Arts in the centre of Barcelona, the warm lighting and rustic design of Enoteca make it the perfect place for relaxed dining. The outdoor terrace is beautiful if you would like an al fresco experience of the contemporary Mediterranean cuisine of Catalan chef, Paco Perez. Perez has trained alongside great icons like Michel Guerard and Ferran Adria and has a total of five Michelin stars attached to his name. Constantly in search of culinary innovations, Perez places great emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, especially fish and seafood. Enoteca’s wine cellar has over 700 labels sure to please every connoisseur. With two Michelin Stars, Enoteca is one Barcelona restaurant you really shouldn’t miss.

Restaurante Koy ShunkaKoy Shunka

If you know Catalonian food and are looking to branch out a little, Koy Shunka is the place for you. As the only Michelin starred Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, Koy Shunka offers upscale Japanese cuisine made from the freshest Mediterranean ingredients. The unobstructed view of the kitchen from every corner of the restaurant means you get to witness every aspect of the meal preparation, right in front of your eyes. For an authentic experience with a twist, try the superb nigiri and sushi.

Restaurante AbacÀbac

Located in a hotel sharing its name, on the edge of the city, Àbac boasts a luxurious, designer dining room for those looking to taste its modern and innovative cuisine. New food textures, combinations, and culinary methodologies await here, along with perfect presentation and a comfortable ambience that makes for an exquisite dining experience for any traveller. Àbac classifies its food as 50% tradition and 50% avant-garde for a 100% perfect meal. Head chef Jordi Cruz earned his first Michelin star at the age of 25 and is considered to be the rising star of Catalan cuisine. One of his most loved dishes is a deconstructed version of the Spanish childhood dessert known as ‘the pink panther’ – a cream-filled cake with pink icing.


Within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the centre of Barcelona, is Moments, one of the city’s best restaurants. The menu features Ruscalleda cuisine from Catalan-style cod ceviche with Indian cress petals, to Galician scallop (petxina de pellegri) or Sea urchin fritters (bunyols) that offer a truly unique experience. Head Chef Raul Balam creatively delivers exquisite dishes that will overwhelm your senses through flavour and texture. This Barcelona restaurant is innovative and able to reinterpret tradition through contemporary cuisine. If you are looking for a high-quality dining experience in a luxurious setting, Moments is for you!


In the heart of Eixample Esquerra, one of Barcelona’s most desirable districts, elegance and culinary skill come together at Gaig. The interior with its clean lines and modern feel sets the stage for Catalonian flavours with a contemporary twist. The head chef, Carles Gaig, was trained in his former family restaurant where he worked as a child and until taking over the reins in the 70s due to his mother’s blindness. He cooks traditional Catalan recipes from his roots, with passion and creativity. Founded in 1869, this restaurant is a Barcelona institution that you don’t want to miss and by which your taste buds will surely not be disappointed. If you do visit Gaig, do not pass up the famous cannelloni!

Dos PalillosDos Palillos

Albert Raurich, the former chef de cuisine in elBulli, says: “Life in elBulli shaped our way of thinking, understanding and doing our passion for the cuisine and our utmost respect for the raw material, and the concept of the tapa as a way of understanding gastronomy through simplicity within complexity.” This is what shapes the menu at Dos Palillos, through a fusion of Asian and Catalonian cuisine. The restaurant is the perfect blend of a blue-collar bar and haute-cuisine Asian restaurant, a place where there are no tables and you sit right in front of the kitchen. The way to authentically experience Dos Palillos is through the tasting menu, but if you prefer something smaller, try the dim sum and a la carte street food at the bar.


If you’ve had the pleasure of dining at one of these restaurants, leave your review in the comments to help other luxury foodies decide!

Main photo by Tom Grimbert

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