The Spanish nightlife is world famous, and no trip to our part of the world would be complete without at a little fiesta. Whatever your favourite way to cut loose after dark, we will organise an amazing night out for you and your party that you won’t forget!

Perhaps you would like to check out the most famous nightclubs, or maybe you would prefer that we make some recommendations of lesser known spots where the locals can be found on weekend nights. Either way, you’ll go to the best clubs, bars, shows and concerts in Barcelona and Madrid, and Ibiza is only a short flight away. Don’t forget, the islands offer a world of delights that we can show you outside of the clubs, but exclusive experiences at Pachá, Usuhaia or Amnesia are always very welcome. Every nightclub you choose to go to will be with private access and service.

The crazy night

4 people
From € 2.600

Dinner at the Blue Spot restaurant, 1.000 square meters of space with the kitchens in the center and spectacular 360º views over the city and the sea.
After dinner, Blue Spot becomes Blue Monkey, a kind of club in which the night will be extended with cocktails and music.
Later we will go to the privé of Opium, one of the main clubs in the city.

The cool night

4 people
From € 3.600

Dinner at the Boca Grande restaurant, the sophistication of Barcelona. In an exclusive environment, it is easy to meet one of the most famous celebrities.
Later, in the same building Boca Chica is the connection of Africa with Europe and New York with Barcelona. From the wildest client to the most seductive, Boca Chica falls in love with its decoration and its signature cocktails.
Later we will go to the privé of Bling Bling, the nightclub that has changed the Barcelona night.

The chic night

4 people
From € 3.600

Dinner at the Fismuler restaurant under the command of three former Bulli chefs who propose a market cuisine where respect for the product prevails. The restaurant is a diaphanous space of 300 square meters that has a modern aesthetic and several shared tables. In addition, dinners from Wednesday to Sunday are accompanied with live music.
Later we will go to the privé of the Shoko nightclub, inspired by Feng Shui.

These prices include the restaurants and hotels selected by Barcelona Private Experiences, usually the best and are subject to change if the client wishes.) The client can also pay directly the payments.

These prices are indicative, call us or send us an email to get your personalized Budget.

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