A hunting trip in Spain will show you the wild side of the Iberian countryside and many species of game. We are specialists in partridge hunting and for that we head to Sotuélamos, 200 km inland from Valencia. There, you’ll stay on a farm for two or three nights enjoying fantastic food and wine between your expeditions.

There is the option of the traditional “montería” – the hunting of bigger game. Another 200 km north from partridge country we find the Montes Universales, where we can go in search of Spanish red deer. Again, this would be a two night stay. Perhaps a shorter trip is more convenient and for that we would go to find the wild boar near Girona, which could be arranged as a day trip from Barcelona and should be enough to satisfy your appetite for the Spanish wild.

Browse: Red Partridge (La Mancha)

8 people

3 days

From: € 22.000 + € 25 partridge (minimum 600 daily)

Day 1: Barcelona -La Mancha with a gastronomic stop at the “ Cortijo de los Hermanos Rico” (Benicarló)

Day 2: Browsing morning and afternoon.

Day 3: Browsing morning and afternoon. Return to Barcelona at 18:00.

Respecting the policy on management of the hunting environment, our goal is to bring the hunter to the field and its farms, and that this has the greatest contact with it, bearing in itself the memory of having enjoyed their hunting red partridge in the purest natural and wild state. The hunts take place in varied lands of impressive landscape variety, being these farms great hunting scenarios. The hunt and shooting of the indigenous red partridge in browse that BPE organizes are developed in a traditional way emphasizing above all the quality, being a brave, strong partridge, with high flight.

From the organization, it is considered as important the comfort of a good lodging as the quality and organization in the days of hunting and shooting of red partridge. After each hunt, the hunter will enjoy a family atmosphere, enjoying the breakfasts, meals, snacks and dinners that have been carefully chosen for the delight of the guests, thus finding an appetizing Manchega gastronomic variety, if you wish you can also choose a a la carte menu.
We offer our clients and friends modern and functional facilities, but at the same time comfortable and cozy atmosphere, where they can relax and recover energy, always assisted by highly qualified personnel, where we guarantee and ensure the success of your hunting and shooting trip. Spain, providing quality, exclusivity and privacy.

Stalking or deer’s, hunt a deer (La Mancha, Teruel, Castellón, Catalonia)

4 people

3 days

From: € 10.200 + the price of the trophy

Day 1: Barcelona to the chosen destination with gastronomic stop.

Day 2: hunting morning and afternoon.

Day 3: hunting tomorrow and return to Barcelona at 18:00.

From time long-established Spain is recognized as the country of Europe with the greatest hunting tradition. The distinction of Spain in terms of hunting is that it offers a greater diversity of species, and above all if it is compared with the rest of European countries. Here it is possible to get the four subspecies of Pyrenean mountain goat, two subspecies of deer, deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer, wild boar, sheep and wild goats.

The average prices of the trophies are: mountain goat: € 5,500, deer: € 4,500, arruí: € 4,250, fallow deer: € 3,500, mouflon, chamois and roe deer: € 3,000, wild goat: € 1,200 and wild boar: € 900

These prices include the restaurants and hotels selected by Barcelona Private Experiences, usually the best and are subject to change if the client wishes.) The client can also pay directly.

These prices are indicative, call us or send us an email to get your personalized budget.

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