An Andorra ski holiday, or a trip to Baqueira Beret, are easy from Barcelona so there’s no reason not to! They are the best destinations for skiing in the whole of Spain so we’re delighted that we can suggest a trip from the city with short travel time. It’s possible to do a day trip but we would recommend a stay of at least a night or two, to make it as enjoyable as possible. In Andorra we would go to the Sport Hotel Hermitage, a beautiful 5 star spa retreat that’s perfect after a day on the mountain, and in Baqueira Beret perhaps the Hotel La Pleta by Rafael, AC Baqueira or Val de Neu.

Any of these hotels offer a luxurious stay and have you on the piste right there when you’re ready. As with all of our experiences, gastronomy is important so you’ll sample the best restaurants of the mountains. And, if this doesn’t sound quite adventurous enough for you, just say so and heli-skiing will be on the agenda!

Approximate budget

4 people

4 days and 3 nights

From: 12.520 €

These prices include the restaurants and hotels selected by Barcelona Private Experiences that are usually the best and are subject to change if the client wishes. The client can also directly pay the payments.

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