Why not take a break from your agenda with a stop at one of the best spas in Barcelona, or even Spain. Whether you would like to simply relax and enjoy some treatments, take a little exercise in a beautiful environment, or enjoy a yoga retreat, we can deliver your ideal sanctuary.

The Arsenal Sport, Wellness and Social club in Barcelona is one of our favourites and we are sure you will feel the same. The philosophy of Grupo Arsenal is to put health and wellbeing at the centre of life. At their clubs, in the most distinguished parts of Barcelona and Madrid, they make sure your time is as comfortable as possible. So, all you have to do is tell us your sporting or relaxation desires and we will design the perfect stay for you.

From 700€


Yoga / Pilates:

Adriana Sintes, an expert in yoga and meditation, will make you see the knowledge about well-being. BPE invites you to leave behind your daily stress while the yogi guides you on a journey of rejuvenation. You will discover what it means to take control of your own well-being by working together with Adriana in this personalized session. Come prepared with a list of at least ten questions about your physical, emotional and intellectual level so they can give you the best answers. Challenge your habitual patterns by working the balance and you will soon realize that this experience is not like any yoga session you have experienced before.

Yoga and meditation expert Adriana Sintes has made it her mission to spread her knowledge of wellness. BPE invites you to leave your daily stress behind as the meditation instructor and yogi takes you on a rejuvenating journey. You’ll discover what it means to take control of your own well-being as you and Adriana work together in this personally tailored session. Come prepared with a list of 10 or more of your internal inner agreements, what you believe to be true about yourself on a physical, emotional, or intellectual level. Push these self-imposed limitations, challenge your habitual patterns by working on arm balances, and build trust in an inversion or two (all will depend on your previous yoga experience and comfort level). You’ll quickly realize that this is like no yoga session you have ever experienced.


Revitalize your body in Arsenal. The use of the spa area allows you to relax, rest and recover vitality while receiving the benefits of thermal water. The water at different temperatures produces a toning effect for the body and helps the psychic rebalance. The spa consists of a 20-meter heated pool, saunas, steam baths, ice fountain, Jacuzzi, 20º and 38º effects pools, cold water pools, underwater massage beds, thermal loungers and relaxation area. The Beauty and Aesthetics Center will surprise all your senses in the most pleasant way with an exclusive care of the environment, novel treatments and the latest trends in appliances.


If what you want these days is to keep you in shape we have the best team of coaches and instructors equipped with the most advanced technology that in turn will design a routine adapted to your physical characteristics. We offer more than 280 activities directed for all levels. Rhythms, dances, tonifocación, strength, resistance …

Tennis, paddle tennis, squash, soft-raquet

If what you want is to practice these sports, we put at your disposal the best coaches so you can enjoy with them the best possible game.

Drop us a message and let us tailor for you a unique experience

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